A Bigger Picture: Thank Malcolm Turnbull For Australia’s Power Pricing & Supply Calamity


Malcolm Turnbull’s miserable presence endures in the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro project, a white elephant that’ll cost taxpayers at least $10billion.

Before he was ditched as PM by his Liberal Party over his pitch to expand subsidies to chaotically intermittent wind and solar and to extend those subsidies until the end of time, Malcolm Turnbull and his son, Alex were considered the dynamic duo among renewable energy rent seekers.

Turnbull the Younger managed to throw $millions at a nearly bankrupt wind power outfit (Infigen) just before daddy signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which lifted Infigen’s stocks and made the canny young investor a veritable fortune. Talk about lucky!: Born Lucky: Stars Align Perfectly for PM’s Son with Mammoth Bet on Wind Power Outfit Infigen

There’s plenty to dislike about Malcolm Turnbull, a man who should have headed up the Greens, rather than Australia’s notionally conservative party, the Liberals. He secretly assisted…

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