Virus Victims: Government’s COVID-19 Response Spells Doom For Wind & Solar Subsidies


That’s right Scott, that’s the one that works without subsidies.

The wind and solar ‘industries’ are in meltdown, as Governments throw $billions at the unemployed, workers and businesses in their responses to their COVID-19 shutdowns.

It seems like only yesterday when renewable energy rent seekers were able to tap into an endless stream of taxpayer subsidies, government backed fixed-price contracts, soft loans, mandates and targets.

In the USA, wind and solar subsidy suckers sought to snaffle $billions out of the Trump administration’s $2 trillion coronavirus aid package. But to no avail.

With no respite from government enforced shutdowns on the horizon, the wind and solar industries must recognise that their days are numbered.

Governments everywhere are throwing their entire fiscal armoury at keeping their economies from dipping into a 1930s like depression. Which, of course, if the shutdowns continue for much longer is where countries like Australia and the USA…

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