Snap Back From COVID-19 Crisis? Try Snapping Out Of The Obsession With Wind & Solar


Want to ‘snap back’? The answer’s right in front of you.

COVID-19 has left Australia’s economy a victim of involuntarily euthanasia; what’s not been wiped out by insane renewable energy policies has been finished off by government enforced lockdowns.

Australia’s PM, Scott Morrison talks about the economy enjoying a “snap back”, once the restrictions on business and movements are lifted. As if the deliberate destruction of the hospitality and tourism sectors will be alleviated overnight at the snap of his magical fingers.

Then there’s been talk about improving Australia’s “resilience” and “self-sufficiency”, suggesting a renaissance of Australian manufacturing and industry.

With Australian businesses suffering among world’s highest power prices (thanks to its obsession with intermittent wind and solar, South Australian households and businesses suffer highest prices in the world), all STT can say is: well, good luck with that!

The idea that once we “get over the bridge” investors will…

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