Renewable Energy Rip-off: Wind & Solar Consistently Fail to Deliver the Goods


Adding wind and solar capacity is a bit like pushing on string; the outcome never matches the effort applied.

Across the globe, it’s true to say that there has been a massive expansion in wind and solar power capacity. However, as Rafe Champion points out below, there’s a yawning gulf between the notional capacity of the world’s wind and solar plants and what they actually deliver.

And, of course, where output from the former depends upon ‘just right breezes’ and output from the latter’s determined by the time of day (eg, there’s never much happening at midnight) predicting just when that capacity might be delivered makes betting the house on roulette seem like a canny investment.

Windpower advocates lying with statistics
Catallaxy Files
Rafe Champion
9 April 2020

Windpower Roundup reports.

Roughly 176GW of new renewable energy capacity was added last year, accounting for 72% of global power growth.

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