Recession Buster: Australia’s Economic Recovery Depends On Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power


Power them up with cheap & reliable coal-fired electricity.

A Chinese virus has taken up where Australia’s suicidal energy policies left off; crushing the entire economy, rather than just energy hungry industries, like manufacturing and mineral processing. Well, in truth, it’s the political reaction to COVID-19 that’s done the damage, rather than the pathogen itself.

Having destroyed the hospitality and tourism sectors overnight, throttled air transport and eliminated the free movement of Australians between states, talk has already turned to what comes next.

With shortages of medical equipment and machinery, one notion that’s taken hold is the idea that Australia could, once again, become a manufacturing powerhouse. The concept is being branded as “self-reliance” or “self-sufficiency”. Ignoring the fact that Australia’s manufacturing sector has been practically destroyed over the last decade, not least due to the fact that Australian businesses pay among the world’s highest power prices, thanks to an…

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