Power Deficit: Wind Power’s Hopeless Intermittency Leaves Germans Scrambling For Reliable Generation


What seemed like a good idea at the time, has turned into an unmitigated disaster. Germany threw more at wind and solar than any other country on earth; its government has done everything in its power to make it work. It’s still at it. Except there’s a couple of things that it can never control: sunset and calm weather.

No matter how much wind power capacity and how many solar panels the Germans install, when the sun goes down and breezes become zephyrs, all that capacity lays idle. There follows a mad scramble to find sufficient generation capacity from reliable sources.

Over time the shortfall has become increasingly problematic, but in future it’ll be catastrophic. As Paul Homewood reports.

Two case studies of renewable intermittency-Timera
Not a Lot of People Know That
Paul Homewood
30 March 2020

An interesting analysis by Timera Energy of the woeful shortage of back up…

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