Gobsmacking Audacity: Wind & Solar Industries Demand $Billions in Handouts From COVID-19 Stimulus Package


America’s renewable energy rent seekers sought to snare $billions from Trump’s $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus and failed. Now they’re back with a vengeance, and hard at it again.

The wind and solar ‘industries’ have always exhibited their very own gobsmacking version of audacity. But, with America facing an economic calamity of a magnitude not seen since the Great Depression, it takes real gall to demand even more subsidies (direct and indirect) and the extension of the Production Tax Credit until kingdom comes.

Nicholas Waddy takes a closer look at just how shameless these profiteers really are.

As Americans Sicken and Die, the Wind and Solar Industries Aim to Capitalize on COVID-19
Nicholas Waddy
10 April 2020

It’s no secret that, as soon as Congress began debating pandemic-related bailouts and stimulus measures, special interests far and wide descended on Washington, D.C.  Every industry and advocacy group seemed to…

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