Fossil Fuelled Salvation: Costly & Unreliable Wind & Solar No Answer To COVID-19 Shut Down


Barely weeks ago, they were gluing themselves to roads, crying ‘doom’ if we didn’t ditch fossil fuels altogether.

Oh, the irony. Now, with human beings facing a real and present threat in the form of a novel coronavirus, it’s fossil fuels that offer mankind its only serious hope. Whether it’s the medicines, medical equipment, PPE and the like that are needed to stave off and respond to the virus, or the critical requirement of having reliable power supplies to keep ventilators and Intensive Care Units ticking over 24×7, it’s coal, oil and gas that are doing the heavy lifting.

Daniel Markind takes a look at just how important fossil fuels are when it comes to a safe, ordered and civilised existence. Just goes to show that when one’s own existence is really under perilous threat, ideology runs a very poor second.

To Fight The Coronavirus, The World Returns To Fossil…

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