Virginian Vendetta: Wind & Solar Power Obsessed Government Signs Economic Suicide Pact


No country has powered itself with sunshine and breezes. No country ever will. But that doesn’t stop virtue signalling politicians claiming that they soon will.The people of Virginia are just the latest victims of the lunacy that’s gripped much of the Western world.Virginia’s Democrats have just signed an economic suicide pact – premised on the myth that plugging windmills and solar panels into giant lithium-ion batteries will allow their State to ditch their coal-and gas-fired power plants, and become the first (and only) place in world to run on wind and solar power.In his usual capable style, Paul Driessen tips a bucket on the Democrat’s notion of an inevitable transition.

Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ will have dirty results
Watts Up With That?
Paul Driessen
4 March 2020

Largely with party-line, urban-vs-rural votes, Virginia’s legislature is poised to enact a Clean Economy Act that would eliminate coal-based electricity generation, prevent construction…

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