S-O-S: If COVID-19 Doesn’t Kill Your Granny, Energy Poverty Will


Enduring frigid weather in unheated homes is one of the biggest killers of the elderly. Thanks to an obsession with heavily subsidised, unreliable and expensive wind and solar, the poor and vulnerable drop like flies every winter.

That hundreds of thousands of households are suffering energy poverty in what was once the World Power is nothing short of shameful.

At a time when the poor and elderly are already fretting about the effects of the Coronavirus, and in a State enforced lockdown, it seems only reasonable that they receive a little respite from their crippling energy bills, providing some hope of being able to heat their homes during their incarceration.

Dr Benny Peiser from the Global Warming Policy Forum makes just such a call, on behalf of those hundreds of thousands stuck in a freezing flat and trying to make ends meet.

Give Britain A Break: Suspend £15 Billion…

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