Grand Theft: US Taxpayers Liable For $120,000,000,000 In Subsidies to Wind & Solar


In the absence of endless subsidies there would be no wind or solar industries. Period.

The minute talk turns to cutting those subsidies, the rent-seekers profiting from the wind and solar scam scream ‘blue murder’.

In the USA, the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time is on a scale and magnitude that would make Croesus turn green with envy.

If the wind and solar scam continues unabated, American taxpayers will be forced to fork out more than $120 billion, in the form of direct subsidies, tax credits, and mandates for the generation and transmission of chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

Bill Peacock takes a look at the staggering burden placed on American households and businesses for an obsession with sunshine and breezes.

Renewable Subsidies Leading America Toward European-Style Energy Poverty
RealClear Energy
Bill Peacock
3 March 2020

Recent headlines have touted the record $55 billion renewable sector investments…

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