Holiday From Hell: Government Squanders Taxpayer’s Money On Wind Turbine Theme Park


If travelling to the back blocks to hug a busted 50m wind turbine blade’s your thing, has the NSW government got the holiday for you!!

With the streets of the normally bustling metropolis of Sydney bereft of life (thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown), the NSW government has decided that bringing the tourist trade back to life should start with a grand tour of Glenn Innes, a sleepy hamlet in the New England Ranges.

But, according to the wind power cult that masquerades as NSW’s Liberal government, it won’t be historic buildings and country charm that brings them in, the big draw card is a wind turbine blade that was busted up during the construction process; a toxic lump of fibreglass and composite plastics, which has no use or value.

At a time when small businesses, particularly hotels and restaurants are being pounded by the government’s COVID-19 lock-down measures and looking…

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