Last Gasp: Obsession With Subsidised Wind & Solar Leaves Australian Economy On Life Support


The coronavirus is hitting Australia’s economy, but it will pass; whereas, its self-inflicted renewable energy calamity is here to stay. Where the former was unforeseen and fatal for a few, the latter was perfectly predictable and will have calamitous effects for the many, and for generations to come.

What’s left of Australia’s manufacturing and mineral processing industries is literally on life support. Those industries now suffer the world’s highest power prices, thanks to an obsession with heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar. Then, there’s the Third World power rationing they have to contend with, which coincides with calm and/or cloudy weather and sunset. The clowns that hijacked Australia’s power supply use the euphemism “demand management”.

The Federal government’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target was designed to direct $60 billion in subsidies to wind and solar, with the natural consequence being that conventional generators would be unable to…

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