Fake News: Tasmania’s 200% Renewable Energy Vanity Project, 100% Dependent on Coal-Fired Power from Victoria


Victorian coal-fired power: what provides Tasmania’s energy safety net.

The renewable energy zealot is all care and no responsibility. Claims that the world can run on sunshine and breezes and become “100% renewable” have been outdone by Tasmania with its claim that it will soon be 200% renewable.

But, dig a little deeper, and the 200% claim is just as hollow as the 100% claim; neither have ever been achieved at grid scale, and neither of them ever will be.

Unless, of course, you turn a blind eye to the fact that behind every wind turbine and solar panel there’s a coal, gas or nuclear plant chugging away in the background to keep the lights on.

Of the so-called “renewables”, stored hydro at least has the ability to deliver power 24 x 7. However, that’s for only as long as there’s sufficient water sitting behind the dam wall. And the…

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