Descent of Man: Britain’s Suicidal Renewable Energy Policy Lays A Path To Poverty


Britain is reaping the sorry rewards of its wind power obsession, with spiralling power prices and an increasingly unreliable power supply.

Back in August last year we reported on a mass blackout that struck Britain, when an offshore wind farm decided to down tools: Blackout Nation: Wind Power Output Collapse Leaves Millions of Brits Totally Powerless

To say that Britain’s once reliable power grid is under threat, is mastery in understatement.

With Brexit a political reality, Britain will soon sever its trading and regulatory ties to Europe and, eventually, be left standing very much alone in the World.

How its economy might respond to its new won independence from Brussels is anyone’s guess and, among politicians and pundits, the subject of plenty of hyperbolic and dire predictions.

But, as Matt Ridley details below, the Johnson led Tory government has already sealed its fate, with yet more subsidies to chaotically intermittent wind…

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