Second-Rate Solar: Cloudy Weather Brings Chaos to Communities Reliant on Solar Power


Recharging a mobile phone with a solar panel when you’re camping might be a wheeze, but don’t expect solar to deliver serious power when you need it most.

A few years back, Greenpeace turned up in an Indian village, Dharnai and supplied it with a solar-powered micro-grid, crowing that “Dharnai refused to give into the trap of the fossil fuel industry”.

Locals had collected $US680 in the hope of buying access to the central power grid, which is fed by coal-fired power plants. But Greenpeace swooped to the ‘rescue’ with a solar system.

The day the electricity was turned on, the batteries were drained of power within a few hours. And locals were as furious as they were perplexed, having been promised around-the-clock power by Greenpeace and its acolytes.

A boy from Dharnai, hoping to do his homework early in the morning before leaving to work in the fields, was…

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