False Dawn: On The Hollow Promise Of An All Wind & Solar Powered Future


Back in 1983 the American Wind Industry Association claimed that solar and wind would be “competitive and self-supporting on a national level by the end of the decade if assisted by tax credits and augmented by federally sponsored R&D”. That was 36 years ago.

There has been no lack of assistance in the form of tax credits and federally sponsored R&D, along with a whole bunch of other punitive mandates and targets designed to cripple conventional generators and favour chaotically intermittent wind and solar. And yet, the contribution to world energy demand from wind and solar remains trivial, at best.

Notwithstanding $trillions in subsidies, no country has ever powered itself entirely with wind and solar; no country ever will. Ronald Stein explains why.

U.S. Government continues to dump funds into an electrical sinkhole
Fox & Hounds
Ronald Stein
27 January 2020

When I read the WSJ article “The Best-Laid Energy Plans”

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