Scorched Earth Policy: Entire Forests Being Clear-Felled To Make Way For Mega-Wind Turbines


In one breath the wind industry and its acolytes talk about “saving the planet”, in the next they’re destroying it, wholesale. Millions of birds, bats and bugs are being wiped out with impunity. And millions of acres of forest have been treated with the same malicious contempt.

In Scotland, since 2000, the wind industry has obliterated an area of at least 6,994 hectares [70 km², 17,283 acres] of forest to make way for these things. Using an average number of trees per hectare of 2000, this means that some 13,900,000 trees have been wiped out, so far.

In Germany, the environmental destruction that’s followed the 30,000 of these things that are being speared across the countryside is magnitudes worse.

Here’s No Tricks Zone tallying up the pointless and wanton carnage.

Germans On Course To Permanently Ruining Remaining Forests – To Protect The Climate
No Tricks Zone
Die kalte Sonne…

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