Bright Ideas: Hydrogen-Boron Fusion Promises Truly Green Energy – 24 x 365 x Forever


Redundant then; redundant now.

We’d have been better off if we’d spent the $trillions squandered on chaotically intermittent wind and solar on clean energy systems available 24 x 365, whatever the weather.

At a minimum, nuclear power generation (a safe, affordable and reliable system that works) could have been improved with investments in R&D aimed at improving efficiency and reducing nuclear waste.

Then there’s the opportunities forgone in terms of blue-sky technologies, such as nuclear fusion.

Sure, nuclear fusion may be a long shot. But, given what’s being squandered on subsidies to wind and solar that cannot produce power on demand, never have and never will, fusion is a shot worth taking.

Graham Lloyd reports on the latest breakthrough in fusion technology. This time involving generating CO2 emissions free electricity using high-powered lasers to fuse boron and hydrogen atoms together, without the production of any toxic waste or emissions.


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