Wind & Solar Power Chaos: Australia’s Renewable Energy Capital Spending Millions to Prevent Total Grid Collapse


Like Germany, South Australia was held up as the exemplar of what a transition to wind and sun powered future would look like. Like Germany, that so-called ‘transition’ has turned into a costly debacle.

Already suffering the world’s highest retail power prices (right up there with those suffered in Germany), South Australians are now paying through the nose just to prevent their inherently unstable grid from a total implosion.

SA renewable electricity market mayhem as frequency stabilizing costs hit record breaking $90 million
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
19 February 2020

Since SA was islanded the costs just to keep the frequency stable are as much as the energy itself.

Two weeks ago the Australian grid had a major near miss, and South Australia has been isolated from the rest of the nation ever since. It was supposed to be connected again in two weeks, but repairs to…

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