Lost In Space: ‘Transition’ To Wind & Solar Powered Future Is Pure Science Fiction


Whether it’s 50% or 100% as the wind and solar target, the reality strikes after sunset on a breathless evening, when neither are contributing anything at all.

As NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham puts it, the concept of an inevitable transition from coal to sunshine and breezes – being peddled by Labor as rock solid economic policy – is pure Science Fiction.

No industrial economy has powered itself on sunshine and breezes; no country ever will. So just how Australia is meant to defy the odds is a mystery that even Professor John Robinson and the gang on Alpha Centauri would struggle to resolve.

Labor’s renewable energy policy is ‘science fiction’: Mark Latham
Paul Murray, Mark Latham and Rita Panahi
Sky News
11 February 2020

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham says Labor’s policy concerning the sourcing of electricity through renewable energy was “science fiction”.

Mr Latham said how…

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