Time to Get Serious: Fretting About CO2? Then Nuclear Power’s The Only Solution


If you’ve tuned in to someone banging on about ‘carbon pollution’ (aka carbon dioxide gas) and they aren’t banging on about nuclear power, it’s time to tune out.

STT promotes nuclear power because it works. Reliable, safe and affordable it’s the only stand-alone power generation system that does not generate carbon dioxide gas during the process; and, accordingly, the only generation system that can – as a matter of principle – withstand the ranting and raving of those obsessed with the purported effects of CO2 on the weather.

Jonathan Tennenbaum is one smart cookie. He received his PhD in mathematics from the University of California in 1973 at the tender age of 22. He’s also a physicist, linguist and pianist and the former editor of FUSION magazine, lives in Berlin and is a frequent visitor to Asia and elsewhere, consulting on economics, science and technology.

Jonathan provides a solid set…

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