Money For Nothing: Scotland’s Wind Farms Earn More Revenue When They’re Turned Off!!


The fact that Scotland’s wind farms have pocketed £650m for not generating power has attracted more than just a little attention.

STT has run several stories over the last few months about wind power outfits being paid very handsomely to NOT generate electricity. Perhaps it’s the sense of outrage that comes with knowing a group of unscrupulous thugs are being paid for doing nothing that’s prompted a flurry of articles, including this one.

Wind turbines generate more cash when switched off and Scots customers shouldering £650m blame
Daily Record
Paul Rodger
17 January 2020

Constraint payments have been paid to energy firms in charge of wind farms, when demand for electricity falls or winds are too strong for turbines to operate.

Wind turbines generate more cash when they’re switched OFF than when they’re working – with customers shouldering nearly £650 million in payments over a decade.

So-called ‘constraint payments’, a…

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