Adults Only: Australia’s Nuclear Powered Future Requires Common Sense & Political Maturity


PM’s love of coal was a fleeting affair.

The best time to build a nuclear power plant was 20 years ago, the second-best time is today. Except, in Australia’s case, a group of hysterical intellectual infants managed to ban nuclear power plants, outright.

Australia holds the world’s largest uranium reserves and, despite its shifting policy of limiting the number of mines and states that have banned them, is the world’s third-largest uranium exporter.

So, it generally surprises other members of the first world that Australia not only doesn’t benefit itself from nuclear power generation; Australia has never had a nuclear power plant.

Try getting an Australian politician to explain why Australia, as a major uranium exporter, is the only G20 Nation without nuclear power, going so far as to legislate to prohibit the processing of uranium and its use as a fuel for power generation.

The Environment Protection…

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