BigWind will “educate” BirdBrains? Nope


Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 4.34.14 PMI will apologize now, because there is nothing funny about this topic; however, there is something very funny about this Sierra Club quote below, “We are finding out that wind turbines are not as harmful to birds because they become educated” ?!? The birds? They become educated? No, they become DEAD.  Turbines are catastrophic for a multitude of birds and bats. These blenders in the sky, do not educate the birds, that fly amongst them. They slice and dice them. Some are killed instantly and others suffer a slow,painful death from slices that come from blades flying at over 200 mph….knives in the sky leave large, gaping wounds.

Aside from the above, obvious facts, this Sierra Club representative spoke as though these wind turbines would reduce our need for fossil fuels. If you have been a follower of our blog, for very long, you know the truth.  BigWind INCREASES our dependence…

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One response to “BigWind will “educate” BirdBrains? Nope

  1. The birds we have found, those that aren’t killed, will learn to avoid the area and begin to change their routes. Routes that may be ingrained in their DNA for one reason or other. These turbines may just introduce the Cobra Effect into this county, ney, the world.

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