Infrasound from wind turbines is detected in a distance of 40-60 km from wind parks during more than 50% of the measurement days

Suomen ympäristöterveys - SYTe ry

The Finnish Association for Environmental Health, SYTe, started measuring infrasound from wind turbines at seven different locations in Finland in the first half of April, 2019. According to the results from MayJune the infrasound, from wind turbines can be measured at a distance of at least 30-60 km from the wind parks. In Satakunta, Southern and Northern Ostrobotnia, there is infrasound from wind turbines about half of the measurement days or even almost daily.

On average, the infrasound (that is, regular sound pressure pulses) from wind turbines can more easily be distinguished at night than during the day in MayJune (see the legend of the spectrograms).

There is infrasound in Jyväskylä (1019), Central Finland, especially in the end of May, in the beginning and after the middle of June. Most likely it comes from the wind turbines in Luhanka, about 50 km south of Jyväskylä.

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