Long Road to Run: Fossil Fuels Powering the Planet Now & For Generations To Come


Renewable energy rent seekers have turned the ‘it’s a climate catastrophe’ dial all the way to 11 in an effort to convince us that our only salvation is an all sun and wind powered future.

At the top end of town where bank executives and institutional investors roam, the propaganda is directed at convincing ‘the money’ that the only safe bets in town are heavily subsidised windmills and solar panels. Investors are told that conventional base-load generators, coal, nuclear and gas are already redundant and that only a lunatic would invest in meaningful power generation from here on.

One well beat up myth used in an attempt to spook sensible investors is that China has already snubbed coal-fired power generation in favour of wind and solar. Except that the Chinese have done just the reverse.

Instead of worshipping nature’s wonder fuels, China is flat out building hundreds of high-efficiency, low-emissions…

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