Are Friends Electric: Push for Industrial Electrification Exposes Costly Futility of Intermittent Wind & Solar


In their sillier moments, wind and solar advocates claim that we’ll all soon be driving electric vehicles, lovingly recharged with sunshine and breezes.

In Australia, those seemingly virtuous souls with EVs are really being propelled by coal, because 85% of the electricity passing through its Eastern grid comes from coal-fired plants. It’s an irony, to be sure.

Beyond forcing us to purchase overpriced and under-performing EVs, the next target for the profiteering anti-CO2 squad is electrifying industry.

Apparently, by switching the energy source used in industrial applications to electricity, there are huge savings in carbon dioxide emissions to be made. The argument presupposes, of course, that the electricity that an all electrified industry consumes would all come from wind and solar.

And that’s where the push for industrial electrification using subsidised renewables comes unstuck.

Wind and solar are not costly simply because of the massive subsidies required to make them…

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