Mark Carney Says We Can Do Without Fossil Fuels!


By Paul Homewood

We have had a spell of high pressure this week over the UK, and consequently wind power has been well down:


Hourly Wind Power – Jan 2020

For the four days up to Friday 24th, wind output has averaged 2.5GW, averaging 6.5% of total demand of 38.7GW. Inevitably, it has been coal and gas which have done the heavy lifting, running at 2.9GW and 21.1GW respectively.

For more than a quarter of the period, wind has provided less than 2GW.

Allowing for embedded wind generation not included in the grid figures, which adds about 30% to the above figures, this means that wind power has been running at only 13% of capacity.

Compared with average utilisation of 35%, this means a shortfall in generation of 500 GWh over the four days.. To put this figure into perspective, you would need about 5000 Tesla 100MW batteries, of…

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