The blight of wind and the hatred therein

Why not wind power

There should be no surprises over “pay for play” in the government.  The wind industry is founded on it, lives on stealing from taxpayers and benefits only those who are rich enough to pay. They produce NOTHING except graft, environmental destruction and enrichment of the ruling class.   People look at the destruction and graft day after day, but are too blind or ignorant or apathetic to care.  Yet they have fits about the Clintons.  YOU ARE SUPPORTING graft and corruption when you praise and back the wind industry.  It’s all “pay for play” graft destroying the environment and enriching the rich.  So please don’t tell me you’re angry at the Clintons but not at Charles Grassley, Duke Energy and the entire system of environmental destruction they created and support 100%.  Don’t tell me you care about the environment and back wind, like the…

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