Rare Birds: Court Scotches Wind Farm Proposal to Prevent Inevitable Bird Slaughter


Courts that aren’t biased in favour of the wind industry are rare birds, indeed. Slowly but surely, however, the law is catching up with the scope and scale of the environmental and societal harm caused whenever these things get speared into rural communities, farmland and forests. Ireland is no exception.

The Emerald Isle has been overrun with industrial wind turbines, with the aid of bent bureaucrats and counsellors on the take. There’s been plenty of inevitable opposition from pro-farming and pro-community groups, but victories have been few and far between. Until now, that is.

In November the Irish government was slammed with a €5 million fine for failing to apply its very own environmental standards at a wind farm in County Galway, which turned into an environmental disaster: Irish Government Slammed with €5m Fine Over Wind Farm’s Environmental Disaster

Following that rather embarrassing setback, a wind power outfit in…

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