Hearts of Darkness: Richest Nations Push Unreliable Renewables to Keep Africans Forever Poor


There’s something altogether cynical about well-healed nations forcing the impoverished to embrace expensive and unreliable wind and solar. It is, of course, all done in the name of ‘saving the planet’. [Note to Ed: Not to mention saving the manufacturers of industrial wind turbines and solar panels, who are struggling back home].

As any economist specialising in development will eagerly tell you, the first step out of poverty for the Third World’s unfortunates is access to reliable and affordable energy. Relieving households of the daily drudgery of gathering sticks and dung to cook and heat homes; providing light and electricity to those homes by which the children might read and become educated; pumping and purifying the water they use; and giving a reliable source of power to miners, manufacturers, food processors and the like is – if you’re serious about creating a path out of poverty – all to the…

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