Australia’s Energy Crisis: High Time For Government to Grow Up and Back Nuclear Powered Future


One with a future, the other redundant.

You’ve probably reached peak stupid when a troubled teenage girl gets to berate adults about global economic and energy policy, and a purportedly educated class sit awestruck, applauding in earnest.

Greta the Fretter was front and centre in the (predictable) climate cult hysteria about the bushfires that have swept Australia this summer. Amongst renewable energy rent seekers there was a palpable sense of opportunistic glee.

The shrill and vacuous claimed that Australia’s purported failure to take ‘action on climate’ was the central cause of the conflagration that swept south-east Queensland, New South Wales and the eastern ranges of Victoria.

Taking ‘climate action’ is, of course, code for providing further subsidies to intermittent wind and solar until kingdom come; dressed up as the only method of reducing carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

Precisely how another wind or solar panel would prevent or mitigate…

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