Risible Renewables: World Finally Waking Up To Wind & Solar’s Nightmare of Nonsense


It’s 2020 and, if you believe the hype, we’re well on our way to an all wind and sun powered future. Except that – notwithstanding $trillions in subsidies, punitive mandates and punishing targets – the contribution of wind and solar to world energy demand remains risible. And – not simply because it’s fun to rain on the renewable energy rent seeker’s parade – it’s going to stay that way until kingdom come.

Hopeless unreliability and chaotic intermittency are at the core of why wind and solar represent the world’s costliest failed experiment, ever.

Whereas calm weather and sunset are very real things, the economic storage electricity in bulk volumes is right up there with the mythical perpetual motion machine and tantalising promise of Alchemy.

Larry Bell takes up the cudgels with a look at just three (of the multitude of) sound reasons why wind and solar are nightmare of nonsense.

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