Matthew Paris Is Blowing In The Wind


By Paul Homewood

The grossly overrated journalist Matthew Parris has this piece in The Times today:



Well, Matthew, here are the actual facts, of which you seem oblivious.

The latest official figures show wind power contributing just 17% of annual generation.

There are naturally times when, as you say, wind power is supplying much more than this. But, equally, there are other times when it is supplying much less. (I presume you know what averages are?)

Just within the last month, wind output has fluctuated between below 5GW to above 10GW:


And when the wind does not blow, guess what happens then Mr Parris?

That’s right – gas power has to be ramped up!

Perhaps you might explain what we are all supposed to do when fossil fuels are banned, in your utopian green future?

You then go on to talk about wind power being expensive. I presume…

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