Lying To Survive: Desperate Wind Industry Claims That Wind Power’s Both Reliable & Cheap Busted (Again)


The wind industry was built on lies and runs on subsidies. Spin doctors, practised in the fine art of deception, have been gainfully employed for almost 30 years in an effort to turn night into day, in order to keep the subsidies coming and to prevent them from ever being cut.

Politicians and a gullible press recant ludicrous lines such as the Windy Hill wind farm will power XX hundred thousand homes and that wind power is free and getting cheaper all the time.

Another piece of propaganda that’s been copping a punishing lately is the claim that wind power is more reliable than fossil fuelled power generation, generally, and coal-fired power, in particular.

STT took some glee in debunking statements to that effect made by Victoria’s deluded Premier, Daniel Andrews here: Deranged & Delusional: Victorian Government Claims Wind & Solar More Reliable Than Fossil Fuels

In this post, Parker Gallant…

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