Guilty: Giant UK Wind Farm Forced to Pay £4.5 Million to Compensate Its Blackout Victims


If unreliable, weather-dependent wind power isn’t a recipe for disaster, it’s most certainly a recipe for chaos. Electricity grids are complex critters, designed around strict tolerances to allow what’s dispatched to them by generators (supply) to perfectly match what’s taken out of them by customers (demand aka ‘the load’). For an explanation of what a finely balanced proposition delivering electricity as and when consumers need it is, see our post: Why Weather Dependent, Intermittent & Unreliable Wind Power is as ‘Useful as a Chocolate Teapot’

With synchronous, dispatchable sources such as nuclear, coal, gas and stored hydro, balancing the grid and satisfying customers is literally as simple as flicking a switch. Thanks to an obsession with wind and solar, all that’s changed.

A spot of calm or cloudy weather, sunset or a few lightning strikes and all bets are off. Stranded commuters, motorist attempting to traverse cities without traffic lights operating…

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