Bat-tered: Government Cancels Approval for Completed Wind Farm to Save Endangered Bat Species


Following the cancellation of 758 wind projects in Ontario, its government has further delighted locals with the decision to revoke approval for the (almost complete) Nations Rise project, at North Stormont, near Ottawa.

This time the decision announced by Jeff Yurek, Ontario’s Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, was not one based purely on the flawed economics of the project, as in the other 758 cases.

This time, the government pulled the plug in order to prevent the inevitable annihilation of Hoary, Big and Little Brown bats; the Little Brown bat is identified as one of Ontario’s ‘Species at Risk’.

We’ll hand over to – an obviously delighted – Sherri Lange.


This is a completely brilliant move. The developers can never argue about the efficacy and ESSENTIAL power of saving nature’s quiet little eco warriors, Bats. They are in serious decline world wide.

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