Vindicated: Supreme Court Slams Developer For Ignoring Wind Turbine Noise Effects on Neighbours


Call it the ‘luck of the Irish’. Over the last few months locals have racked up a string of victories against wind power outfits for all manner of sins, crimes and misdemeanours.

In November the Irish government was slammed with a €5 million fine for failing to apply its very own environmental standards at a wind farm in County Galway, which turned into an environmental disaster: Irish Government Slammed with €5m Fine Over Wind Farm’s Environmental Disaster

Following that rather embarrassing setback, a wind power outfit in Waterford was brought to heel for pushing the envelope over the size of its turbines: Busted: Irish Wind Project Slammed For Breaching EU Environmental Directives

Now, in an effort to avoid the grinding, thumping cacophony these things generate, a couple of horticulturalists, Klaus Balz and Hanna Heubach have taken a wind power outfit all the way to the Supreme Court. And they’ve won!

Central to…

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