Deranged & Delusional: Victorian Government Claims Wind & Solar More Reliable Than Fossil Fuels


Dan and Lily: derangement meets delusion.

Victorians can thank their dangerous and delusional Labor government for their power pricing and supply calamity.

Last summer saw mass blackouts and load shedding, following sudden, routine and total collapses in wind and solar output (calm weather and sunset does it every time).

Back then its Premier, Daniel Andrews and Energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio made the risible claim that its (no) power woes were all down to the ‘unreliability’ of Victoria’s coal-fired power plants.

With retail power prices at record highs and more mass blackouts looming, this pair of lunatics continue to maintain the rage at Victoria’s so-called ‘ageing’ coal-fired plants.

War of words as energy crisis heats up
The Australian
Rachel Baxendale
20 December 2019

A leading energy market expert has dismissed Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’s claim renewable energy is “more reliable” than coal-fired power, saying the state’s key problem­ is a…

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