A wish for 2020: awareness of the truth about wind turbines

A wish for 2020: awareness of the truth about wind turbines

This is a windmill. It’s NOT what was forced onto quiet Ontario communities. [Shutterstock image]

December 30, 2019

One wish we have for 2020 is that our fellow Ontario citizens could come to understand what really happened when the governments under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne forced the industrialization of quiet rural communities with unwanted and inappropriate wind power projects.

The fact is, many people who believe in the mythology of “clean” “green” “emissions-free” power from wind have never even seen a turbine.

They think they have, perhaps, looking at the turbine in Toronto’s Exhibition Place but that small turbine is nowhere near the reality of what was done to rural communities and homeowners, as turbines the size of office towers were erected, power generators to do emit a range of sound including low-frequency noise and infrasound.

This is what a real Ontario wind turbine looks like: too close to homes, an inappropriate use of the land, and a technology of limited — if any — use to benefit the environment.

Home in Huron County surrounded by turbines [Photo Gary Moon]

A great deal has been learned since the first wind turbines were erected in Ontario in the mid-2000s, and especially since the 2009 Green Energy and Green Economy Act was passed, that overrode 21 pieces of legislation to encourage wind power development — it did, and the subsidies and above-market contract rates attracted developers from around the world. There were promises of green energy, jobs galore, and prosperity for all.

That didn’t happen.

Companies took the subsidies and left; companies signed the lucrative contracts, flipped them and left; the jobs were short-term, and gone when construction ended.

What we were left with was records held by government documenting more than 5,000 complaint files of excessive noise from wind turbines, many with associated adverse health effects linked to stress, “annoyance”* and sleep disturbance. Still other complaints dealt with disturbed water wells; to this date perhaps 80 families are reported to have poor quality water or no water at all in Chatham-Kent.

The McGuinty government’s promise of monitoring wind turbines and addressing concerns about health and safety was bogus: internal documents show that staff were directed not to respond to complaints, and resources to respond were limited or outright removed. The regulations were constructed so as to defy anyone seeking to prove non-compliance, and computer-generated predictive noise modelling outweighed real-life citizen reports. Even though the Renewable Energy Approvals state that a wind power operator MUST address complaints and take action so that the complaint is not repeated, in truth hundreds upon hundreds of complaints were racked up against turbines.

Ontario’s valuable health care resources are being used to help people who have become ill due to exposure to the turbine noise emissions; their stories are tragic and their suffering unnecessary.

At the moment, several projects have been found non-compliant, but without revised regulations that reflect reality and encompass the full range of noise emissions as recommended by the World Health Organization and the Council of Canadian Academies) the outcome is not clear.

What’s ahead in 2020:

-Wind Concerns Ontario will continue to track and report on noise complaints and adverse health effects being experienced by Ontario citizens

-a report will be published on 2017 and 2018** noise complaints

-WCO will also continue to meet with government officials to help provide information on real-life experiences with wind turbines, and the need for immediate change to regulations

-WCO will continue to be a resource for information on the negative impacts of industrial-scale or grid-scale wind turbines

-A report is due soon on the homes abandoned by citizens due to noise and health impacts, prepared by a private research team.

And, a second edition of the 2011 book Dirty Business is already in the planning stage.

If you are not already a member please consider joining us. Click on our JOIN/DONATE button above for more information.

Together, we can tell the truth about wind power in Ontario


*”annoyance” in this context is a medical term denoting stress or distress and is itself an adverse health effect recognized by the World Health Organization

** the request for 2018 reports is still in process; the request was filed in January, 2019.


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This is a video from Fond-du-Lac Wisconsin. Bear in mind that the noise in this recording is a representation only: you would have tobe there to experience the full range of emissions. It is also a few years old, and does not represent noise emissions from more powerful, newer turbines, nor the effect of exposure to emissions from multiple turbines. https://www.wind-watch.org/video-fonddulacnoise.php

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