IESO continues their “Black Friday” sale

Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives

NY and Michigan benefit while Ontario ratepayers pick up the costs

Well, I guess it was inevitable; IESO would be forced to continue with their “Black Friday” sale as the Christmas week produced “mild” winter weather on Christmas day, Boxing Day and the Friday following them.  Mild weather meant average Ontario demand over the three days was a low 341,221 MWh per day even though Christmas lights were in full bloom! Base-load power from nuclear and must-run hydro could have easily supplied our needs however, wind and solar are also classified as base-load and the wind was definitely blowing.

IESO sold off net exports of 178,152 MWh (what 2.3 million [50% of all households] average Ontario households would consume in three days) at big discounts to NY, Michigan, Quebec and a few other neighbours.  The average sale price over those three days was $14.74/MWh or 1.5 cents/kWh. Based on the…

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