Merry Christmas to Michigan and New York

Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives

From: Ontario’s ratepayers

Once again, the generosity of Ontario ratepayers stood out on the recent Sunday and Monday (December 22nd and December 23rd) before Christmas day.

Ontario’s demand was relatively low, averaging only 357,900 MWh over the two days so our grid operator (IESO) had a “Black Friday” sale.  They pretty well gave away almost all of our surplus generation by exporting (net exports) 118,680 MWh* over those two days.  They sold off those net exports of 65,592 MWh on the 22nd and only charged $4.32/MWh and another 53,088 MWh on the 23rd for the discount price of $5.16/MWh. That means those 118,680 MWh generated only about $560K (rounded) while ratepayers absorbed all of the costs under the contracted and/or regulated prices.

Co-incidently the IWTs (industrial wind turbines) were active over the two days so IESO had them curtail approximately 22,500 MWh but accepted 117,237…

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