Industrial Devolution: Renewables Obsession Leaves German Industry Crushed By Rocketing Power Prices


No country went harder and faster with its renewable obsession than Germany. The rocketing power prices that inevitably followed are crushing its once thriving industries, including motor manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz.

The idea that a critical input cost to manufacturing can be tripled without affecting profitability and employment is, as any student of that dismal science, economics might tell you, a nonsense.

Francis Menton takes a look at what happens when renewable energy rent seekers and eco-loons take control of energy policy, and with it the economic policy that underlies the success of any modern, industrial economy. Germany’s included.

Contrast Of Climate And Energy Policies, And Economic Results, In The U.S. And Germany
Manhattan Contrarian
Francis Menton
6 December 2019

If you are reading your normal diet of “mainstream” press, you are getting hit with a constant barrage of climate alarm, together with a near total boycott on any good…

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