Ontario’s Salvation: Locals Ecstatic Over Decision to Cancel 750 Wind Power Contracts


The decision to cancel 750 government contracts with wind power developers in Ontario has left rent seekers furious, and wondering where their next meal might come from?

Doug Ford’s eminently sensible decision will avoid thousands more of these things being speared across Ontario’s rural heartland, much to the delight of Ontario’s farmers. Not to mention saving power consumers hundreds of millions of dollars, over the long haul.

Squaring up with the developers may cost Ontarians dearly, but as Randall Denley details below, it’s a price well worth paying.

Randall Denley: Why it makes sense to cancel wind and solar contracts in over-powered Ontario
National Post
Randall Denley
5 December 2019

The cost and source of Ontario’s electrical power has been a hot topic for years, but happily for the PC government, it had dropped from the headlines. That is, until Energy Minister Greg Rickford was forced to defend the cost…

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