Australia’s Energy Crisis: Subsidised Wind & Solar Obsession Sending Power Prices Into Orbit


Add heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar to your grid and rocketing prices are guaranteed. The Danes know it, the Germans know it and South Australians became the butt of international jokes, because of it.

The relationship couldn’t be clearer: see above the pertinent little graphic from Dr Michael Crawford, which says it all, really.

For, try as they might, Australia’s renewable energy rent seekers are stuck with the fact that despite sunshine and wind being ‘free’, subsidised wind and solar power, anything but.

Some of the more deluded among them have even gone so far as to claim that South Australian power prices have actually fallen thanks to wind and solar. Tackling the truth has never been their strong point – eg: South Australia’s 50% Renewable Energy Fail: World’s Highest Power Prices Caused by Subsidised Wind & Solar

With a warm week coming up across the southern…

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