Sunset Industry: Solar Power Obsession Threatens to Destroy Western Australia’s Power Grid


When power demand is driven by the rhythm of human activity and its supply by the angle of the sun in the sky, expect mixed results.

Of course, when the sun drops over the horizon and disappears for 10-12 hours or so, those claiming to depend on solar power can expect none at all.

Then there’s the drops and surges in voltage and frequency that follow the passage of clouds over those millions of shiny panels.

Western Australia shares the nation’s obsession with heavily subsidised solar power and is starting to pay the price. Not least because the chaotic delivery of solar power is threatening to destroy its once wholly reliable electricity grid, as JoNova details below.

Jeopardy: What happens when your single largest generator is uncontrolled and coordinated by clouds? Watch Western Australia
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
1 December 2019

Western Australia is a giant experiment: Even the…

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