Terrible Twins: Subsidised Wind & Solar Guaranteed Grid and Market Wreckers


Adding unreliable and intermittent wind and solar to your grid is like inviting Tasmanian devils to a baby shower; sit back and get ready for total chaos. Whether it’s wrecking the reliability of the grid or generating market distortions that make it impossible for conventional generators to dispatch their wares to the grid, subsidised wind and solar are guaranteed to deliver trouble, anywhere and everywhere.

The USA is no exception and, as Rich Nolan quite rightly observes, it’s high time that something was done about the predictably erratic behaviour of those terrible twins.

Restore Electricity Market Integrity to Ensure Grid Reliability
Real Clear Energy
Rich Nolan
1 November 2019

The integrity of wholesale electricity markets is in jeopardy, and the stakes are enormous. Designed to ensure affordable, reliable and resilient power through competition, these markets are no longer competitive. They have been undone by out-of-market subsidies and years of government…

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