Fact Check: Why Intermittent Wind & Solar Will Never Replace Fossil Fuels


The wind and solar ‘industries’ were built on lies and run on subsidies. As to the former, for more than 20 years a phalanx of propagandists has worked overtime to literally turn night into day.

Lines like the ‘wind is always blowing somewhere’, ‘sunset’s not a problem’, this ‘wind farm will power XXX hundred thousand homes’ and (in answer to perpetual problem of their chaotic intermittency) ‘mega-batteries will fix it’, sit comfortably with old chestnuts like ‘I’ll pay you next week’ and ‘the cheque’s in the mail’.

As Norman Rogers details below, the propagandists may have become more sophisticated – and now include some clever little darlings from Deloitte, but their message is just as vacuous as ever.

Green Energy Studies: Consulting, or Advertising?
American Thinker
Norman Rogers
27 November 2019

Wind and solar aren’t remotely competitive with traditional fossil fuels and cannot replace them. They would scarcely exist if…

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