No Deal: New ‘Green’ Deal Means Return to the Impoverished Dark Ages


There’s something amusing about watching well-fed, first world teenagers hit the streets to rail about fossil fuels, just before mummy collects them in a stonking V8 Land Cruiser, whisking them away to their perfectly air-conditioned homes, jampacked with every electronic gadget, imaginable.

The louder and more earnest their demands for an end to the use of fossil fuels, the sillier they sound.

In the US, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Green-left’s favourite flibbertigibbet. Her New Green Deal – with its promise of 100% wind and solar delivering power for all, for free and for all time – should have been dismissed as fairytale nonsense, long ago. However, there are plenty of pixie dream girls and boys happy to suck it up, like there’s no tomorrow.

While Greta the Fretter, AOC & Co determine to hold their breath until we all stop driving cars, catching planes and enjoying hot showers and cold…

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